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Computer Workshops


Pawtucket Library is pleased to offer our patrons learning resources that are used for professional and personal growth. Our library looks to continue implementing these programs according to the needs and suggestions of our patrons.

We are now offering the following computer workshops:

World Wide Web:  Basics of Internet Searching
World Wide Web is a two part workshop. This session focuses on the basics of internet searching using browsers.

World Wide Web: Basics of Career Information & Job Search
This workshop focuses on introducing individuals to researching tools for career choices, including our own A to Z Database, that assist in the examination of different occupations, and explores conducting effective job searches.

Microsoft Word 2007 for Beginners
In this workshop we delve into basic features of Microsoft Word 2007. Learn to edit text; change font, sizes, & styles; check spelling & thesaurus; cut, copy, and paste; save documents; set paragraph & line spacing; create hyperlinks (time permitting).

Microsoft Word for Beginning Job Seekers:
What are Cover Letters & How to Write Them
Discover what cover letters are and how to create and customize them from Microsoft templates. Please feel free to bring a USB drive to save your work.

Microsoft Word for Beginning Job Seekers:
What is a Resume & How to Create Them
This workshop features the utilization of Microsoft Word résumé templates to create a résumé. Please feel free to bring a USB drive to save your work.

How to Use Your Email Account
This workshop covers the basic features of how to use your email account. Instructor uses Gmail as a platform. Students can login to their own email accounts; be sure to know your email login credentials upon arriving to this workshop.

Excel 2007 - For Beginners
In this workshop, users are introduced to Excel spreadsheets. Learn what the basic tools are, how to navigate the interface, and create and enter data in the worksheets. Discover how to modify & format a worksheet, basic calculations, sort data, and more; time permitting.

Basics of Social Networking
Social Networking workshop will guide the user through their social networking sites Facebook and/or Linkedin. Students can log in to their own accounts; be sure to know your login credentials upon arriving to this workshop.

Please refer to the Events calendar for dates and times.

Attendee should be comfortable using the mouse to attend these sessions.
Working Knowledge of Basic Windows is required.

Should your needs differ from the offered workshops we also offer one-to-one hour long appointments with a reference librarian!

Classes are Free.

Small, drop-in style workshops.

All Workshops
are held in the
Computer Classroom
Lower Level
Burns Building.

Computer Workshops

Computer Workshops
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