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Local History Donations

The Library’s local history collection accepts donations of books, documents, photographs (physical & digital), yearbooks and other material relating to Pawtucket. Due to the nature of these donations they need not be in like new condition but should be clean and free of mold/mildew.

All donations are accepted without stipulation, and immediately become the property of the Pawtucket Public Library’s local history collection. They cannot be returned. The same criteria used for inclusion in the library’s collection also applies to gifts. Some donations will be added to the collection, others may be offered to other institutions or repositories of cultural and historical material.  Donations added to the collection may be subsequently withdrawn.

If you have material you think would be of use to the Local History Collection please contact the local history librarians to discuss the items you’d like to gift and make arrangements for the Library to accept your material donation.

If you desire a receipt for tax purposes, you must first list how many items and their description you are donating. Then the library will be able to provide you with a receipt. We cannot, however, assign a dollar value to your donation..


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