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Circulation Policies

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The Pawtucket Public Library is a member of OSL
(Ocean State Libraries).

  • We accept and issue OSL library cards which may be used at most OSL member libraries.
    Ocean State Libraries Library Card and Borrowing Policies
  • Use the Library Catalog to view the holdings of the Pawtucket Public Library and other OSL libraries, check your record, place holds and renew materials.

Library Cards
Rhode Island Residents
To obtain a free OSL library card please visit the Circulation Desk inside the library. You will be asked to fill out a short application. You will also need to show positive identification and proof of your current Rhode Island address. For children under the age of 13 years old, a signature of the parent or guardian is required on the application. You may also apply for your Ocean State Libraries online.

Non-Rhode Island Residents
Option One: Full-use statewide Ocean State Libraries card
Non- Rhode Island residents may obtain a statewide Ocean State Libraries card for an annual fee as long as their community has a library certified according to their state requirements. The current fee is $155.00

Note: Non-Residents from other states who own property (land) in Rhode Island and therefore pay property taxes may obtain a free Ocean State Libraries card upon proof of ownership, such as a current tax bill.

Option Two: Paid local-use-only Pawtucket Library card
Purchase a Pawtucket Public Library local use only card for $40 per year. With a local use card you may borrow only Pawtucket materials. Holds may be placed on Pawtucket materials for you by Pawtucket Library staff members.

Note: Free Local-Use-Only Pawtucket Library Cards may be issued to:

  1. Non-Rhode Island residents who attend Pawtucket schools for the period school is in session.
  2. Current and retired Pawtucket municipal employees who live outside the state. The card must be renewed annually.

Lost Library Card
Call the library immediately if your library card is lost. After being notified, the library will not allow anyone to use your card. If you do not report your card missing, you are responsible for any items checked out on your card. A $1.00 fee will be charged to replace a lost library card.


  • Loan Period
    Three (3) weeks for all books, including all Audiobooks.
  • Overdue Fines
    Books, Books-on-Tape and Books-on-CD not returned by the date due – 15 cents per day, per item. Maximum fine is $6.00 per item.

DVDs & Video Games

  • Limit of five (5) movies per library card. Limit of one (1) video game per library card. No limit on educational or non-fiction DVDs.
  • Loan Period
    Movie DVDs & games have a 7-day loan period. Non-fiction DVDs and television series DVDs have a 3-week loan period.
  • Renewals
    Videos, DVDs & games cannot be renewed.
  • Overdue Fines
    Adult videos/DVDs/games: $1.00 per day, per video/DVD/game
    (Max. fine: $10.00 per video/DVD/game).
    Children’s DVDs: $1.00 per day, per DVD
    (Max. fine: $10.00 per DVD).
  • Video and DVD Borrowing Restrictions for Minor Children
    The Pawtucket Public Library does not restrict access to the material in its video and DVD collections based on the age of the borrower. According to Rhode Island Public Library Standards it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to monitor the selection of materials of his or her minor children. The parent may request that the Pawtucket Public Library restrict borrowing on a minor’s library card to videos and DVDs of particular rating categories, such as: G, PG, PG13, and R. Please ask for this form at the Circulation Desk.
    (Approved by the Board of Trustees 6/20/06)

Most circulating materials may be reserved.

  • Use the Library Catalog to place an item on hold
  • Visit the library to fill out a Reserve slip
  • Call the Reference Desk (401) 725-3714 x220/221

Many library materials may be renewed once. Renewals will not be granted if the item is on reserve for another patron, or if the owning library does not allow renewals.

Use one of these methods to Renew Library Materials:

  • Call the Circulation Desk - (401) 725-3714 x201
  • Use the Library Catalog
  • Use the Telephone Renewal Service, available 24 hours a day
    (401) 736-0965
    Toll Free: (800) 359-3090

Books may be returned to any public library that participates in the OSL system. Audiovisual materials should be returned to the library from which it was borrowed. When returning materials inside the library, do not place them on the countertop.

Place all materials in the book drop located at the left end of the desk.

Book Drop
The book drop is open 24 hours a day for the deposit of materials being returned to the library. It is located to the right of the main entrance of the building.

Paying Library Fines & Other Fees Online
How can I pay my library fines and fees online?
The Pay Online button can be found by going to the Catalog and clicking on My Library, then My Account (upper left). Once you enter your library card number, you have access to several options, including "Pay Online."

What forms of payment are accepted for online payments?
The Library accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards.

Can I use PayPal for my online payment?
No, our system does not currently support payments via PayPal.

Is a service fee charged when paying fines online?
No, the library does not add an additional service charge when paying fees online.

Is there a minimum fine amount that can be paid online?
Yes, the minimum payment amount is $1.01. Once you’re in My Library Account, when you click Pay Online, all fines are pre-selected. If you do not wish to pay all of the fines, you can "uncheck" the fines you do not wish to pay at this time and hit recalculate to pay only the checked, selected fines. Each selected fine must be paid in full - you cannot pay a partial amount on a selected fine.

I have fines on my account but the Pay Online button does not show.
There is minimum payment amount is $1.01. If your fines are not at least this amount, the Pay Online button will not appear.

Can I get a refund for my online payment?
No, the Library is not able to issue credit or debit card refunds.

Why do the fines I just paid still appear on the "My Library Account" screen?
You must "refresh" that screen. When you do, it will accurately reflect your payment.

How do I get a receipt when I pay my fines online?
If you include an email address with the credit card information you submit, a receipt will be sent automatically to that email address. A payment receipt also displays online and may be printed. (NOTE: if you are using a computer within the library, please contact a staff member regarding a print-out of your receipt.)

What does the error message below mean?
There is a problem with your patron record - payment not made - please see librarian for assistance.

This indicates the system was unable to access your library card record. Please try again later. If the error message displays after you attempt payment again, contact your library. As long as the error message displays, no payment is processed and no fines are cleared.

What happens if I receive a message that the transaction was declined?
Your fines and fees will remain on your account. Click on the VeriSign link for more information on possible reasons why the transaction was declined.

Please call the Circulation Desk with any questions regarding our Circulation policies:

(401) 725-3714 x201


Call the Circulation Desk
(401) 725-3714 x201

Receive Reserve & Overdue Notices
email or text

Library Catalog

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