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Computer Use Rules

You must sign up to use a computer with your own valid library card from a participating Rhode Island OSL (Ocean State Libraries) library.

Your session will be limited to 60 minutes when others are waiting.
Patrons may use a maximum of 120 minutes of computer time per day.

Use of the Express PC is limited to one 15-minute session per day.

Computer users must end their session when requested to do so.

Only two people may use the computer at a time. In some cases, such as a parent or guardian with children, it may be necessary for more than two people to work/sit together. Please ask library staff for an exception.

Printing: You must pay in cash before you print at the Print Release Station. Single-sided black & white printouts cost 10 each. Double-sided black & white printouts cost 15 each. Single-sided color printouts cost 50 each. Double-sided color printouts cost 75 each.

Headphones must be used when sound is enabled.

Anything downloaded to the computer’s hard drive is not permanently saved. To save your files, download to your own external storage device. (USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, etc.)

Accessing sites that can be considered obscene by local community standards, harmful to minors, include child pornography or are illegal is not allowed. Patrons repeatedly visiting such sites will be barred from using the library computers for 6 months.

No modifications or attempts to modify the computer’s hardware, software or network are allowed. Attempts to circumvent the time management software program will result in an immediate termination of session and is a violation of policy.

Use of the computer indicates acceptance of library rules and policy. Violation of policy will terminate your current session and may result in denial of access for 6 months.

These rules are in addition to the Library’s Internet Use Policy.

Final appeals to the enforcement of these rules or to the rules themselves can be made to the Board of Trustees. Appeals must be made in writing one week prior to the Board’s scheduled meetings and should be sent in care of the Library Director.


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