Friends of Pawtucket Public Library


The Friends proudly display a Certificate of Accomplishment awarded by Senator Jack Reed and a City Proclamation given by Mayor Donald Grebien honoring the Friends for their 55 years supporting the Pawtucket Public Library. Pictured from left to right: Katherine Cowett, Programming Chair Sharyn Farley, Erin Dube, Paul Mowrey, Treasurer Emilia Rainey, Vice-President Arthur Plitt, President Esta Barcohana, Kathy Bessette, Robin Nyzio, and Tom Nyzio. Picture taken Dec. 2, 2017.


President: Esta Barcohana

Vice President: Arthur Plitt

Secretaries: Susan Reed & Erin Dube

Treasurer: Emily Rainey

Membership: Barbara Bourgery

Programming: Sharyn Farley

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13 Summer Street Pawtucket, RI 02860 (401) 725-3714

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The Friends of Pawtucket Public Library is a private, non-profit charitable corporation, exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Friends of Pawtucket Public Library is a group of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations working to
improve the Library's facilities, collections, staffing, and special programs to benefit the community.