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WiFi & Computer Access

Computer Access

The Library’s adult computer room has 22 workstations for public use. The Library’s adult computer room provides Internet workstations for public use. All workstations have Internet access, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. Computer sessions may be limited to 60 minutes when others are waiting. Patrons may use a maximum of 120 minutes of computer time per day. Two Express PCs are available for one 15-minute session per day. You must have an OSL (Ocean State Libraries) card to log onto a computer.

Both black & white and color printing is available. You must pay in cash before you print at the Print Release Station.

Single-sided black & white printouts cost 10 each. Double-sided black & white printouts cost 15 each. Single-sided color printouts cost 50 each. Double-sided color printouts cost 75 each.

External USB floppy and CD/DVD drives are available for use when using a library workstation.

Thank you, Champlin Foundations!

WiFi Access

Wireless Access
Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the Library. Connect to the wireless network labeled “Pawtucket Library Guest”.

Free outdoor Wi-Fi is also available 24/7. Access the outside Wi-Fi on the Library’s entrance walkway, bench, front steps and adjacent library parking lot. Connect to Wi-Fi named “Library_ParkingLot”

Wireless Access Policy
Any person choosing to use this free wireless service to connect to the Internet must abide by the Pawtucket Public Library’s Internet Use Policy. Users who violate the terms of the policy, other library policies or use the network for abusive, malicious or illegal activity will be banned from the network. Like all Internet access within the Library, the wireless Internet access provided by the library is filtered.

Limitations and Disclaimers
The Library's wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop or device could be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software within a few hundred feet. The Library staff is unable to provide individuals with technical assistance. Due to the many differences between operating systems and wireless cards, no guarantee can be given that all users will be able to make a wireless connection. The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment, laptop configuration changes, or security of personal data files resulting from connection to the Library's network. The wireless user is responsible for protecting their own laptop from viruses and other Internet threats through the use of antivirus software and/or personal firewall. Such protection is highly recommended.

Computer Use Policies

Computer Room
(401) 725-3714

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