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The Library receives funding from a number of sources; its major source of funding is from the City of Pawtucket. If the Library meets Rhode Island State Standards, the library will receive 25% from the State of what the City appropriated and expended two years previous. This is called Grant-In-Aid. The Library also receives Grant-In-Aid of 25% of endowment funds that were expended two years previous.

Source of Library Funding Budget for Fiscal 2024
City Funds $2,136,783
State Grant-In-Aid $467,417
Endowment Budget $63,985
State Endowment Grant-In-Aid $7,318

The Library has a number of endowment funds that are dedicated to specific purposes. In most cases the Library cannot spend the principal of the fund, only the revenue. They are as follows:

  • Zucker Fund – large print books and materials on aging
  • Little Acorn Trust – spent at discretion of Trustees
  • Mabel Anderson Fund – materials that help children develop the joy of reading
  • Samuel Caidin Trust Fund – library programs for children
  • Citizens Committee for the Pawtucket Public Library – spent at discretion of Trustees
  • Community Service Fund – library programs for adults
  • Gerald Burns Fund – library programs for teens
  • Father St-Godard Religious Study Fund – acquisition of religious materials that represent the beliefs of all faiths

If you would like to support the library’s mission with a donation or a bequest,
please contact the Library Director at 401-725-3714 ext. 202 or by email.


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