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Meeting Room Policy

To request the use of a meeting room in the Library, please read the Meeting Room Policy and then fill out the meeting room request form at the bottom of this page. 

Meeting Room Policy:

  1. Pawtucket Public Library’s meeting rooms are available free of charge (except as noted in rule 3) to non-profit organizations and government agencies for meetings of an educational, cultural, or civic nature that are held during library hours of operation. This is provided that no admission fee is charged, and bookings of the rooms are limited to 26 meetings per organization per fiscal year. Meeting rooms are not available for social purposes, the benefit of private individuals, commercial purposes, fund-raising, or when, in the judgment of the Library Director, any disorder is likely to occur. Library facilities cannot be used for illegal activities.
  • All rooms must be reserved at least a week in advance by submitting the online form or submitting the paper form to the Administrative Office, Monday thru Friday, between the hours of 9:00–4:30 p.m. Applicants will receive a confirmation email.    
  1. All groups are required to leave meeting areas in a neat, clean and orderly condition. This is not the responsibility of the custodian. A vacuum cleaner is available from the Circulation Department. If the room is not left in a clean and orderly condition, the organization will not be allowed to use meeting rooms in the future. Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. (No refreshments or beverages will be provided by the library). The Library will not provide storage space for groups using the facilities. All groups are responsible for setting up their own tables and chairs unless a previous arrangement has been made with the Library’s administration.
  2. Because of the wear and tear on the Library’s facilities by groups serving refreshments, there will be a charge for groups who serve food at their meetings:
  • $10 charge for a group serving beverages and/or finger foods (donuts, pastry or hors d’oeuvres) per meeting. For groups meeting more than once a month, a one-time cost of $100 may be charged. 
  • $25 charge per use for groups serving hot foods or a buffet. 

      A check payable to Pawtucket Public Library should be delivered to the Administrative Office one week in advance of the meeting. The group responsible must pay for any damage to Library property.

  1. The person signing the attached form assumes full responsibility for the group, agreeing to pay all charges for damages.
  2. Permission for any group to use the meeting rooms does not constitute endorsement of that group’s philosophy or objectives by the Pawtucket Public Library.
  3. The public areas of the Library may not be used for programs during regular library hours, unless the programs are co-sponsored by the Library and the size of the audience requires a larger area than the auditorium.
  4. Decisions as to the use of the meeting rooms by any group or individual will be made by the Library director and/or the Library’s Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Pawtucket Public Library Board of Trustees 12/19/2023.

Any Pawtucket resident who wishes the Library to reconsider the decision to schedule a meeting room may fill out a Request for Reconsideration Form about their concerns and submit it to the Library Director.  The form is located on the website and is also available from the Library’s Administrative Office.   The Director will respond within 14 days.  Appeals to the decision of the Director can be made to the Library’s Board of Trustees.  To speak at a Trustees’ meeting, please refer to the Board of Trustees Public Input Policy

Please Note: Submitting a meeting room request form does not mean that a room is available for your date/time and was booked for you. We will reply to your room request via email as soon as we have checked the library calendar for room availability. 

Meeting Room Request Form



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